Incorporate the panache of your home into your nursery décor. Whether your home’s interior style is contemporary, eclectic or modern rustic-chic, you can carry the styling into your nursery’s design, providing a calming environment for your newborn while reflecting your home’s holistic character.

The key to decorating virtually any room in a home is to determine a single point of focus: a treasured piece of furniture, for instance. In a nursery, this could be an heirloom lamp or a modern European-designed crib. Create a mood board, starting with a neutral color palette as the foundation. Then, select child-friendly accessories or décor (make sure it’s pleasing to you as a parent as well) to complement the look and feel of your home, and complete the inspiration for your nursery.

It’s easy to go overboard – especially if you’re putting together your first nursery – with all of the furniture, décor and accessories available on the market. Just remember: keep the design simple without over-decorating. A neutral canvas for the room is an excellent starting point, as it reduces the need to redecorate as your baby transitions into toddlerhood, as well as averting that dreaded dated look. Also choose ‘kidaptive’ furnishings with adjustability to accommodate growing children.

Whether you’re looking for a last minute gift for a friend’s newborn-to-be, or a focal point for your own nursery inspiration, stop into the Deer Industry retail showroom today for design inspirations.