Who says girls get to have all the fun! Back in 1976, Irish rock band Thin Lizzy got it right when they released “The Boys Are Back in Town,” and this month we’re bringing back the old school as inspiration to create a contemporary vintage inspired look for a boy’s bedroom.

Let’s face it … boys do get a lot of fun toys … toys that often turn their bedroom floor into a battleground of clutter. How often have you tried to rally your kids into action with that classic battle cry “Clean your room!”? And how’s that working out for you? 

Adult furniture and organization systems don’t necessarily translate well to children’s needs. To motivate a kid to keep their room organized you can try bribery, but we think storage is a parent’s second best friend. Take the Shakery Cabin Bed: with two wide drawers and two built-in cabinets on either side, it’s the perfect piece of furniture for stowing all those new toys he just got for the holidays. Add a couple Malmo Wall Shelf so that he can display his coveted retro tin robot toy or keep his favorites new artwork proudly on display. We also abandon eyesore plastic containers for rugged floor storage baskets with a leather appearance and texture to finish off the considered cluttered look.

Forget the matchy-matchy and mix in a few key vintage pieces with contemporary and traditional furnishings. Ultimately, select kidaptive furniture that will transition with your child … furniture with the ease of timeless style. Accessories and décor items can easily be swapped out – a simpler (and far less expensive) solution than buying new bedroom furniture every few years. Your kid's room will never go out of style even as they grow into their teenage years.

Are you tired of fighting the seemingly never-ending battle to keep your kid’s room clean? Fret no more … stop into Deer Industries retail showroom today. We have a lot more design and storage ideas throughout our space.