Baby Toys

Stripey Monkey Soother

He's cuddly, chocolatey, dandy and handy. Stripey Monkey Soother is gorgeously grabbable. His stripey top and fuzzy fudge face are irresistibly snuzzly.  Available in one size - 23 cm (H)... Learn More


Bashful Beige Bunny Star Musical Pull

Playing 'Rock a Bye Baby' when Bashful Bunny is pulled, this musical pull's star has risen high to become a firm favourite for bedtime. The musical box is tucked amongst... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Silver

Scampering through the forest, you might just spot the Bashful Silver Bunny Soother. This scrummy-sweet bunny with flopsy ears looks after a soother just as soft as herself. Perfect for... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Pink

Toddlers and babies can curl up and cuddle with the Bashful Pink Bunny Soother. A scrummy soother in milkshake pink, it’ll help even grumpy children to sleep. A travel essential... Learn More


Plush Toy Bibi The Bunny

Bibi Bunny is sure to be one comforter that you rely on just as much as your little one. This musical bunny plays a selection of soothing sounds and melodies... Learn More

Rainbow Tails

Wait a second - that book has a tail! It has lots of tails. It's the Tails Rainbow Book. A carnival of colour, this fun fabric book is noisy, feely... Learn More


Stacking Cubes

Stack the cubes up high and tip them over, count the deer friends, hide little things inside them, or have fun measuring the hight of your little ones and track... Learn More


Bashful Cream Bunny Booties

Chilly days call for bunny backup. Bashful Cream Bunny Booties are so soft, with a bunny face and gorgeous suedey base. And in case little legs are extra-waggly, they have... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Blue

Little Jellycat offers bunny security as standard, so when your little one’s not snuggling up to their Bashful Blue Bunny Soother, it’s being looked after by a fluffy expert. This... Learn More


Activity Gym Grey

This Red Dot Award winning Baby Activity Gym of Done by Deer is free standing and easy to adjust depending on how high or wide you want it. Educational and... Learn More


Farm Tails Book

Furry dog tails, tasselly cow tails, feathers, fluff and curly pig tails! All of the farmyard friends are in the Farm Tails Book, ready to show off their colours and... Learn More


Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Jitter

Cordy Roy Baby Elephant.Jiggly, joggly, cheeky and trunky, it's Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Jitter. Whether Baby's in the buggy or bed, this jolly elly can be there too. Scrumptiously rumpled... Learn More


Cordy Roy Baby Monkey Jitter

Cordy Roy Baby Monkey Jitter is raring to go and show his moves! This silly billy has the coolest cordy fur, in brown and beige. Pull him down to make... Learn More


Mobile Musical Safari

This beautiful light, musical mobile can attach to most baby cots and playpens. You simply clip it on. Babies love musical mobiles; it keeps them calm and happy. This beautiful... Learn More


Bath Cape Jollein 75x75 Tiny Waffle Soft Pink

This beautiful soft pink bath cape with waffle pattern offers your baby girl a warm welcome after each bath. The bath cape is luxurious, warm and very absorbent. The bath... Learn More


Bath Cape Jollein 75x75 Tiny Waffle Soft Green

This beautiful soft green bath cape with waffle pattern offers your baby a warm welcome after each bath. The bath cape is luxurious and very absorbent. The bath cape is... Learn More


Plush Toy Liz The Lamb

A soft toy like a quilt, that calms and soothes your newborn baby from imitating the heartbeat through the mother's abdomen. The ZAZU kids with the recorded heart sound soft... Learn More

Syllabub Swan Grey Chime

For musical paddles down the stream, make friends with Syllabub Swan Grey Chime. The perfect present for restless newborns, this tubby swan is feather-soft. With bobbly wings and a big... Learn More


Syllabub Swan Grey Soother

Little ones can drift away with the Syllabub Swan Grey Soother. Scrumptious-soft and grabbable, this buttercream soother makes a snuggly pillow. This little swan has the cutest grey beak and... Learn More


Pippet Penguin Grabber

For flipperful of frozen fun, Pippet Penguin Grabber is here. A squidgy-soft grabber in gorgeous grey fur, this perky penguin is a polar playmate. When little explorers shake it about,... Learn More


Pippet Penguin Soother

Pippet Penguin Soother is such a gorgeous gift for newborns. This soft little scamp has hugs to spare, with wide-open wings and waggly feet. Snuggly-sweet in grey and ginger, with... Learn More