Orpie Chicken

Orpie Chicken is a very special bird, with multicoloured firework feathers. Strutting round, wagging a long, fluffy tail, Orpie shows off that great ginger beak. Matching tawny feet and wattle... Learn More


Delphine Duck

Delphine Duck is a carnival of quirk. This dafty duck likes to be different, with bluey-grey plumage sticking up in all directions. Her little wings are flappy-fab and her soft... Learn More


Gabby Goose

Gabby Goose is as chatty as her name. She has fancy feathers with caramel tips that make her look like a rather glam pompom. Her burnt-orange feet and tawny beak... Learn More


Odette Ostrich

A rather splendiferous quirky bird, Odette Ostrich is a superstar. Her silky feathers are wonderfully funky in gorgeously dusty pink tones, and those squidgy long legs with their fluffy grey... Learn More


Amuseable Mushroom

A fab and funny gift for a buddy, Amuseable Mushroom is beautifully silly. This cheeky chap has a sweet squidgy cap in deep, rich red with spotty applique. Funky frills... Learn More


Amuseable Cactus

Quirky, kooky and so kawaii, Amuseable Cactus is scrumptiously silly. With soft, textured fur in mottled green, this cuddly cactus is squashy, not spiky. We love those stompy toffee boots... Learn More


Amuseable Cherry

Amuseable Cherry is a big ball of cuddles. From that tubby pink body with little brown legs to that funky sticky-up stalk and stitched leaf, this cherry is such a... Learn More


Arthur Anteater

He's the fuzziest, nosiest sweetie you could meet. With loooong, scrumbly two-tone fur, a big old tail and a punky hairdo, this funny fellow cuts quite a dash. His weighted... Learn More


Cyril Sloth

We can’t get over how gorgeous Cyril Sloth is. No wonder this little guy moves so slowly - everyone should see his scrummy tawny fur and snuggle that feathery softness.... Learn More


Drake Dragon

Drake Dragon may look scruffly, but he's super soft, not scaly, and loves to make friends. Minty and mossy, this baby dragon has big, big wings and a long, long... Learn More


Inky Octopus

Inky Octopus gives the very best hugs - eight at a time! Blue-black and squashy, with scrummy cordy tentacles, this funny octopus loves to play! Pull those long, curly arms... Learn More


Lovely Llama

A perfect puffball of pastel fur, Lovely Llama is so, so snuggly. Llamas are very friendly, and this little one is no exception. With silky, crimped fur and squidgy hooves,... Learn More


Bobby Stork

Bobby Stork needs a big sit down. It's hard work carrying newborns about. Cuddly and quirky, this softy stork has a long orange beak, big, textured feet and wings as... Learn More