Soft Toys

Arctic penguin chime

This is Arctic Penguin Chime, he comes with a super soft black fabric body, cream bib and eyes, bright orange beak and feet and totally adorable looks.  Available in one... Learn More


Baby Cordy Roy Elephant Soother

The Cordy Roy Baby Elephant Soother brings snuffly snuggles for sleepy calves. Bonny and funny in blue and vanilla, this jolly elly is a buddy, toy and pillow. Whether Baby... Learn More


Bartholomew Bear

Tawny-tousled and full of softness, Bartholomew Bear is the perfect bedtime buddy. Read him a story, sing him ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic' or maybe just rest on his fluffy fudge... Learn More


Bashful Beige Bunny Star Musical Pull

Playing 'Rock a Bye Baby' when Bashful Bunny is pulled, this musical pull's star has risen high to become a firm favourite for bedtime. The musical box is tucked amongst... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Aqua

Friends come in so many magical colours, and Bashful Aqua Bunny is keen to prove this. Cool and serene in aquamarine, he’s a soft merbunny with a cute pink nose for... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Beige

Bashful Beige Bunny is a popular fellow with scrummy-soft Jellycat fur and lovely long flopsy ears mean that with just one cuddle, you’ll never want to let go. Irresistibly cute... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Blake

Bashful Blake Bunny is one cool guy. With his warm, grey fur, he's a little stormcloud, ready to bounce across the sky. But peek underneath those long lop ears and... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Blossom Cream

The sunshine’s here and deliciously soft Blossom Bashful Cream Bunny is celebrating with pretty patterns in her flopsy ears. She’s even got flowers on her furry feet.  Available in different... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Blossom Silver

Blossom Bashful Silver Bunny loves flowers so much that she wears them on her paws and ears. She’s happiest of all when rolling through the buttercups and whizzing down hills. ... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Cottontail

Cottontail Bunny is part of the 'Jellycat' family. She is so fluffy and has super soft two-tone fur. Suitable from birth. Nobody is too old to cuddle with this bunny. Available in... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Cream

Bashful Cream Bunny's gorgeous long ears are so soft you cannot stop rubbing them.  Available in different sizes: Small - 18 cm (H) Medium - 31 cm (H) Huge -... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Silver

In Bashful Silver Bunny’s warren, everything is silver. Their soft bed, their teapot, even their tea is Earl Grey. But it’s such a pretty colour, it’s understandable. Their cuddly silver... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Blue

Little Jellycat offers bunny security as standard, so when your little one’s not snuggling up to their Bashful Blue Bunny Soother, it’s being looked after by a fluffy expert. This... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Pink

Toddlers and babies can curl up and cuddle with the Bashful Pink Bunny Soother. A scrummy soother in milkshake pink, it’ll help even grumpy children to sleep. A travel essential... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Soother Silver

Scampering through the forest, you might just spot the Bashful Silver Bunny Soother. This scrummy-sweet bunny with flopsy ears looks after a soother just as soft as herself. Perfect for... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Tulip

Fun-loving and cheeky Bashful Tulip Pink Bunny is making her mark. This scrumptious pink bunny is looking for friends to share secrets and ideas with, and is a great listener... Learn More


Bashful Bunny Twinkle

Bashful Twinkle Bunny shimmers and shines with gossamer soft creamy fur and glimmering silver stars in her ears. Indulge in the softest of cuddles with a Bashful Bunny as beautiful... Learn More


Bashful Hedgehog Medium

We thought hedgehogs were spiky and sharp, until we met bonny Bashful Hedgehog. This cuddly critter has such long, soft spines that you won’t want to stop giving strokes and... Learn More


Bashful medium Black & white kitten

Say hello to Bashful Black and White Kitten, a splendidly tuxedoed cat. He loves to groom his soft, silky fur, from his snowy tail tip to the white in his... Learn More


Bashful Monkey

Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate.... Learn More


Bashful Poodle Pup

Bashful Poodle Pup is the best groomed doggy in town. He's scrummy in snuggly oatmeal fur, with a sweet trimmed snout and big squashy nose. He sits up well on... Learn More