A4 Flapbag Horse pink

With this super trendy kids shoulder bag you can take along all the items you need in a fashionable way. The pink bag can be closed with a zipper underneath the flap.... Learn More


A4 Flapbag Kobalt Stars

For the 'not-everything-has-to-be-pink-' or the 'I-do-not-want-anything-pink-' or 'I-just-love-blue' girls we have these cool blue bags.  Different designs within the same cobalt blue theme, with a touch of glitter. Super child... Learn More


Amuseable Avocado

Get your five-a-day in an adorable way with Amuseable Avocado! Scrummily green and soft, our veggie chum has a natty two-tone jacket in speckled fur. We love that squashy, suedey... Learn More


Amuseable Cactus

Quirky, kooky and so kawaii, Amuseable Cactus is scrumptiously silly. With soft, textured fur in mottled green, this cuddly cactus is squashy, not spiky. We love those stompy toffee boots... Learn More


Amuseable Cherry

Amuseable Cherry is a big ball of cuddles. From that tubby pink body with little brown legs to that funky sticky-up stalk and stitched leaf, this cherry is such a... Learn More


Amuseable Cloud

Lost in a daydream? Let Amuseable Cloud be your dreamy companion. This cumulus cutie is tufty and tussled in scrumptious cream fur, with cordy grey feet for running across the... Learn More


Amuseable Mushroom

A fab and funny gift for a buddy, Amuseable Mushroom is beautifully silly. This cheeky chap has a sweet squidgy cap in deep, rich red with spotty applique. Funky frills... Learn More


Amuseable Pineapple

For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Amuseable Pineapple! Fuzzle and muss that scruffly fur and punky hairdo of minty fluff! Delightfully daft, this roly-poly poppet is just the... Learn More


Amuseable Watermelon

Amuseable Watermelon is pink, green and cuddly all over! A slice of sheer sillyness, full of Jellycat goodness, this fluffy fruit is full of fun. Buddies come in all shapes... Learn More


Amuseable Yucca

The perfect present for any quirky friend, Amuseable Yucca is full-grown fun! With splendid squishy two-tone stalks, needlecord legs and a felty pot in bright brick orange, this perky plant... Learn More


Arctic penguin chime

This is Arctic Penguin Chime, he comes with a super soft black fabric body, cream bib and eyes, bright orange beak and feet and totally adorable looks.  Available in one... Learn More

Arthur Anteater

He's the fuzziest, nosiest sweetie you could meet. With loooong, scrumbly two-tone fur, a big old tail and a punky hairdo, this funny fellow cuts quite a dash. His weighted... Learn More


Ashley & Co Diffuser Tui & Kahili

It's no ordinary air freshener; Ashley & Co's home perfumes are not only environmentally friendly but functional and aestetically too. The long lasting formulations have been desinged to complement their... Learn More


Ashley & Co Hand Cream Tui & Kahili

This handcream makes a great gift, or just spoil yourself. The combination of shea butter, camomile extract & vitamin e defend, soothe & nourish. All the way from new zealand... Learn More


Ashley & Co Scented Candle Tui & Kahili

Waxed perfume from NZ company Ashley & Co is a scented candle hand poured using 100% natual wax and unbleached cotton wick.  Tui & Kahili scent is like sweet nectar enticing... Learn More


Ashley & Co Wash Up Tui & Kahili

Enjoy this botanical hand & bodywash of Ashley & Co, all the way from New Zealand. A special combination of natural antiseptecs like grapefruit seed and aloe comes beautifully bottled... Learn More


Baby Hammock

Baby hammock gives your baby comfort as it gives backsupport and it copies it's posture in the womb. Through the gentle motion created by either the caregiver or the baby's... Learn More

Backpack Batman

With this super trendy kids bagpack you can take along all the items you need in a fashionable way. The bag features bat prints and contains two compartments. The bag comes... Learn More


Backpack Beetle

With this super trendy kids bagpack you can take along all the items you need in a fashionable way. The bag features beetle prints and contains two compartments. The bag comes with... Learn More


Backpack Dino

With this super trendy kids bagpack you can take along all the items you need in a fashionable way. The bag features beetle prints and contains two compartments. The bag... Learn More

Backpack Kanken Fjallraven Mini Forest Green-Ox Red

It is never too early to start a good habit, which is why Fjallraven have produced the Mini Kanken, the perfect backpack for little backs, or for everybody that likes... Learn More