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Nobodinoz Growing Green High Chair: 1 product, 2 chairs, 3 positions

Introducing the newest addition from Nobodinoz that deserves your attention—the Growing Green High Chair. Among the array of high chairs for growing kids on the market, have you encountered one that not only caters to functionality but also boasts an appealing design resembling an actual kid's play chair when converted? Look no further than the elegant Growing Green High Chair, now offered in Singapore exclusively at Deer Industries.



If Nobodinoz isn't yet on your radar, it's a brand you absolutely should know, especially if you're shopping for babies and kids. Originating from Barcelona, Spain, Nobodinoz specialises in furniture, décor, bedding and various accessories. Now accessible in Singapore at Deer Industries, you can count on top-notch quality when it comes to kids' furniture without any concerns.

A design developed alongside well-known Parisian product designer Marc Venot, the Growing Green High Chair marks a revolutionary milestone as the inaugural high chair seamlessly transitions into a small chair! From 6 months to 6 years old, this chair will be a constant companion for your child. Offering a unique design evolution, it represents one product, two chairs, and three adjustable positions.



In Baby Position

In its baby configuration, the chair is perfectly aligned with your dining table's height, allowing your little one to join you during mealtime. Complete with a detachable front security feature, it enables your child to participate in dinner and engage in playful activities simultaneously.


Included with the Kids High Chair is the option to add a tray table, providing a complete baby high chair setup that remains functional for several months before transitioning to the use of the dining table itself.

Available with the Kids High Chair is also the Growing Green High Chair Cushion cover for added comfort, ensuring a cozy seat for your little one. Its fabric choice emphasises organic cotton, grown without pesticides, as part of Nobodinoz's commitment to environmental protection and groundwater preservation.

Nobodinoz Growing Green High Chair Cushion White Gatsby/Antique Green

Nobodinoz Growing Green High Chair Cushion Willow Dune




In High Position

As your child reaches the next stage, remove the baby security bar and rotate the backrest to unveil a new setup. By adjusting the footrest to a lower position, this adaptation empowers your child to climb onto the chair independently, fostering their growing sense of autonomy.


In Low Position

Set in its lower position, the chair transforms into a delightful play chair, an ideal companion for regular play sessions or homework sessions at a play table. With its timeless and classic design, it seamlessly enhances the aesthetics of any living area, adding a touch of aesthetic appeal while serving as a functional piece for your child's activities.




Material & Durability

This evolving chair is crafted from natural beech wood, accentuated by an ultra-matte finish using water-based varnish, imparting a refined design. Constructed with solid beech wood and plywood, it adheres to the EN 14988 European regulation - so you never have to worry when it comes to your child's safety and allergies.

Explore Deer Industries in Singapore for this exceptional kids high chair, perfect for those seeking enduring quality and timeless aesthetics.


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