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DEER VIP Program

Enjoy greater savings with our newly launched rewards program and collect points each time you shop with us.


How do I sign up for theΒ DEER VIP program?

You can sign up to our DEER VIP program online through our website at or physically in store byΒ informing one of our staff.

Create an account and complete your profile = 30 points

Like us on Facebook = 10 points

Follow us on Instagram = 10 points

To ensure that your points are reflected on your account when you do the above actions, do ensure that you sign up, like and follow our socials through the reward program so that your email address you used to sign up is linked.

Points will be automatically added into your account once you have completed any of the above. Points expire within a year.

How do I earn points?

In order to earn points, you need to ensure that your email address has already been registered in our system.

Why did I not earn points for my purchase on your online store?

You might have made a purchase under a Guest account.Β Before you make any purchase, do ensure that you are logged into with the designated email address.

How do I claim a reward when I shop in store?

Simply let our team know that you are a member of our rewards programme before making a purchase.

What can I use my rewards points for?

Points accumulated allows you to redeem rewards of various tiers that you can use online and in store!

$10 off with every 250 points

$20 off with every 400 points

$30 off with every 500 points

$50 off with every 1000 points

How do I use a coupon code online?

Before checking out, do ensure that you are logged in to your account. Tap your account to check out the total amount of points that are redeemable. The program will generate a special promo code to be used at checkout.

Do points expire?

Yes, they will expire within a year.

What if I am already a member before the program was launched, will my previous purchases be accumulated as points?

As the program is only launched recently in April 2023, members who have signed up before that unfortunately will not have points accumulated.

Points will only be accumulated for purchases after April 2023.


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