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Gift List & Registry

Gifting made special for memorable occasions - baby showers, welcoming a newborn, housewarming, birthdays and more. Create a wish list to make gifting easier for your family and loved ones.

Ideal for special moments such as baby showers, welcoming a newborn, housewarming, birthdays and more.

Add and remove items from your list with the flexibility to change your mind at any time.

A sustainable approach to gifting, gifting well-meaning gifts and only the things that matter - reducing gift waste.


How does it work?

Our registry allows you to give and receive gifts for a special occasion. You can create your personalised list online and invite your loved ones to contribute by sharing it via email or social media.

Do I need a DEER account to create a list?

Yes it is necessary to have an account to create a gift list as this will help to ensure that your email address is tied together to your list.

Can I create different list for different occasions?

Yes you can, you can create as many lists as you like in your account.

Can I create a list in store instead?

Yes you can, simply approach any of our staff and a list can be created through your DEER account so that you can modify your list at home.


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