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Kids Space-Saving Bed Solutions

Kids Space-Saving Bed Solutions

Living in Singapore, space can be a major constraint. Especially when it comes to the kid's room - toys, books, play area and even a study set-up, it's hard to cater to these different needs within a space. Moreover, because the bed can easily take up almost half the room in some cases, a bed with space-saving solutions is always recommended to make room whenever possible.

In this blog, we discuss space-saving bed suggestions you may want to consider for your kid's room.


Bunk Beds

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Lisa Bunk Bed

A bunk bed is typically one of the significant must-haves when living in a small space, especially if you are a parent of 2 kids. However, as much as a bunk bed instantly saves space, it is good to also invest in one that suits your needs and requirements.

The Lisa Bunk Bed has a unique twist compared to ordinary bunk beds. This configuration is ideal for younger kids as young as 2 years old, with a floor bed as a bottom bed. The bed also comes with removable protection sides making it a safer alternative in general and also a perfect chance to get cosy with your little one.

With it being a notably lower bunk bed, this also means that the top bed is much lower at an approximate eye-level height, so the older between 2 siblings will never have to miss your goodnight kisses.


Modular Bunk Beds 

Combiflex & Nordic Bunk Beds

Modular Bunk Beds are one of the best solutions, especially if there is a possibility of moving out to a bigger space in future. This gives the flexibility of assembling and reassembling when necessary, with the option of transforming to 2 separate single beds easily when the right time comes.

A practical investment, it also comes with a trundle with 2 possible benefits - as an extra bed or as a drawer for storage. If storage is something you need - we would highly recommend this configuration, especially with the ability to store backpacks, sports equipment, toys and more - hiding unnecessary clutter instantly.

Loft Beds

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Combiflex & Nordic Loft Beds

Saving up on floor space is always a great idea. However, with a play area nestled under a loft bed, you save on space and provide a corner catered explicitly to it, potentially reducing clutter, providing an illusion of a bigger room.

Depending on your children's age and the intention of the space beneath, our loft beds come in 3 different heights - the semi loft bed, a regular loft bed, and a loft bed XL. So whether it's a play corner, a play table or even a study table, a loft bed is the perfect solution for a 2-in-1 configuration.

Our loft beds, the Nordic & Combiflex series, are also modular, so if your child ever grows out of a particular configuration - not to worry, we have that covered. You may read more on our loft beds from our previous articles - 'How Do Kids Modular Beds Work?' & 'Why You Should Get A Modular Kids Bed'


Sofa Beds

Belle Sofa Bed, Kids Sofa Bed, Modular Beds for kids Singapore

Belle Single Sofa Bed


Belle Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are another possible solution when it comes to saving space. With the possibility to position it against a wall, you save an abundant amount of space with just a single side allowance when getting out of bed. The best part - it caters to an European single-sized mattress of 90 x 200cm.


Bopita Combiflex Sofa Bed, Kids Modular Beds Singapore

Combiflex Modular Sofa Bed


Bopita Nordic Bed, Modular Beds for Kids, Modular Beds for Kids

Nordic Modular Sofa Bed


Combiflex & Nordic Sofa Beds 

If you're looking at something more flexible, our Combiflex & Nordic Sofa Beds are modular, so you can remove the side panels to convert it to a regular single bed or even level it up as a bunk bed or loft bed, with bed parts readily available at Deer Industries.


Single Beds

Combiflex & Nordic Single Beds

Most of the time, it's not the bed that's the most significant issue but more of the storage your child might need for little trinkets such as their bedtime storybooks, a place for a night lamp and personal things.

A unique feature of the Combiflex & Nordic bed series comes with space-saving accessories that can be attached to the bed, so a bedside table isn't necessary. The includes a bed casket, a bed rack with knobs, and also a bed shelf that can come in handy for your storage needs in many different ways.

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Bed Casket, Bed Shelf

With these space-saving beds solutions, we hope we've given you some insights as to alternative ways to make space within your kid's room. If you may have any enquiries on the beds featured in this blog, feel free to drop by our showroom or you can always send through an email at, and our  friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

- Deer Industries xx


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