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Tips & Ideas on Kids Toy Storage Essentials

Tips & Ideas on Kids Toy Storage Essentials 

We’ve all been there - ‘gosh, the kid’s room is so messy!’ And for some of us, the living & dining area (or basically every corner of the house) is always full of toys lying around.


In this blog post with #Deerathome, we would like to share with you a couple of tips to keep the clutter away, the best way possible without compromising on style.


Storage Baskets



Starting off with the easiest way we know how, dump it all in a storage basket.


These storage baskets that we’d like to recommend are handy (and stylish) especially in the living room.


It truly blends in beautifully in any space and style, and the best part is - its bohemian design by nature really doesn’t look like its meant for your kids toys, but a beautiful addition to your living area. In addition with that, it comes with a lid - so not a hint of toys in sight.


Versatile and can it definitely be reused as a dry laundry basket or a space for all the random knick knacks in the house as your child outgrows his/her toys.


*Available in various designs, patterns and sizes.


Storage Bags


Storage Bags are great for kids rooms and play rooms. It’s fun, quirky colours are easy to match with and blends easily in any kids theme setting. We especially love these gorgeous velvet storage bags from Nobodinoz - soft and simply so pleasant looking, it can be reused for other areas of the house as your child grows older. It’s all about practicality.

*Available in various colours.


Drawstring Storage Bags


Sometimes, there is never a fixed play area for your kids. They like to bring their favourite toys from the play room to the living area and back to the play room. Why not make things easy for your little one, and you?


These storage bags are literally what it is - bags. These drawstring storage bags is a 2-in-1, a toy storage and bag so your little one can bring it everywhere he/she wants to without creating much of a mess.


We love these functional bags from Nobodinoz, with its soft pastel prints and patterns.


*Available in various prints and sizes.




Play & Go is another great drawstring storage bag with an additional function - these bags are large enough to also double up as a play mat on the go. What did we say about practicality? ;)

*Available in both original and mini sizes, with the option of a kids and babies versions.


1. Seagrass Basket Yellow & White (S), $129.90

2. Play & Go Storage Bag Geo Mustard, $69.90

3. Nobodinoz Toy Bag White Bubble/Aqua, $79.90-$98.90

4. Play & Go Storage Bag Road Map, $69.90

5. Nobodinoz Toy Bag Savanna Velvet Jungle Green, $89.90

6. Play & Go Storage Bag Rainbow, $69.90

7. Nobodinoz Toy Bag Baobab Green Diamonds, $79.90-$98.90

8. Seagrass Basket All White (M), $139.90

9. Nobodinoz Toy Bag Savanna Velvet Night Blue, $89.90

10. Seagrass Basket Pink/Mint Yellow (XXL), $169.90


Shop more Storage Baskets, Bags & Boxes here at Deer Industries.



We hope you love these simple toy storage solutions and find them useful. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram at #deerathome and share with the Deer Community how these storage baskets & bags look in your home.

Keep it practical yet stylish. ;)


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