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Why decide on a modular bed?

A child's bed is a huge investment, with one that can preferably last a long time. Our modular beds are designed to integrate into your lifestyle - whether you're moving into a larger space or there's a new addition to the family, it gives you the freedom to convert into different configurations depending on your needs over time.

Nordic add-on accessories

Universal Protection

The universal protection, also known as a bed rail, is one you can count on to protect young ones from a fall. Easy to assemble; you can slide the protection side on the bed with its’ hooks, which can still be mounted on the back with a screw.

Nordic Protection Side

With the Nordic protection side, you will feel at ease when transition your young ones to a single bed. These protection sides are longer than the standard universal protection, providing ultimate safety from a fall.


Ideal for extra storage under the bed, or as a trundle for extra guest, the 2-in-1 drawer/trundle is delivered with both base plates (for storage) and wooden slated base (for sleeping) to allow freedom to interchange between the two.

Bed Shelf

Perfect for tight spaces, the storage attachment is designed to resemble a bedside table. Store books, everyday sleep essentials amongst other things. Super sturdy, you simply need to hook it on the side of your bed.

Bed Storage Attachment

Similar to the bed storage attachment, the bed shelf is designed to provide extra room to place your everyday bed time essentials like your glasses, phone and reading books. Ideal for tight spaces, you simply need to attach the hooks to the bed.


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