For most of us, it is pretty straightforward when purchasing a rug. The typical process of choosing the right rug will be to consider the size and then it’s material. However when it comes to selecting the right kid’s rug, it takes more than just that. Here are several factors we’d like you to consider when buying a rug for your kid’s room, nursery or play area to ensure that you make the most out of it.



Soft & Lightweight Rugs


With kids, the most ideal decision is to opt for rugs that are soft. When we mean soft, we don’t only mean soft high pile rugs, but rugs that are also lightweight. Soft and lightweight rugs makes it flexible for rugs to be repositioned without it being much of a hassle. This especially comes handy in the next aspect we’d like you to consider – washable rugs.


Washable Rugs


Washable rugs are a huge blessing! As parents, we all know how difficult it can be to avoid getting spillage or stains on rugs. With rugs that are soft, lightweight and washable - it will takes a huge load off maintenance… and this is always something we as parents appreciate.


Ecological & Responsible Rugs




It is always ideal to be ethical and responsible when it comes to shopping and it is also a habit that we should incorporate into our daily lives. When it comes to rugs, not only would it be ideal to choose a kid’s rug that is non-toxic and sustainable, but one that is also made according to the Fair Trade principle.


Tapis Petit Kids Rugs


With all the important factors mentioned above, we’d like to introduce the Tapis Petit Rugs. The Tapis Petit Rugs specially made and designed with babies & kids in mind, ticks off all the boxes when it comes to choosing the right Children’s Rugs. With that aside, all you have to really consider is the wide range of stylish and beautiful rugs available, from vibrant area rugs to fun animal rugs – there is always something to spruce up your kid’s room, nursery or playroom. Shop the full range of Tapis Petit Kids Rugs in Singapore at Deer Industries.


1. Rug Semmie Dots, $179.90
2. Rug Ethnic Ocher, $169.90
3. Rug Fez, $209.90
4. Rug Julie Ocean, $209.90
5. Rug Shark Round, $119.90
6. Rug Lion Ocher, $99.90
7. Rug Anna Soft Pink, $129.90
8. Rug Leopard Round, $109.90